Find most of the practical things you need....


Your private spa..


The on the terrace or in the cosy corner


Conjure up your supper - it is ready


Breakfast - house delivery


The above pictures show how it might be the first evening and first morning, after arriving to this house for your vacation.

It consist of elements from the package "Welcome de Luxe", which includes supper first evening and breakfast first morning.


Having let yourself in the house, please find a cosy corner and and take in the cottage  where you are living for the week-end, the next week or longer. You clearly feel like arriving to a house, where you feel the hosts have made the house ready for your arrival - but has just left.
The house is not desolated - it is ready to give you a warm welcome.


The beds are all made ready for you, thick exclusive towels are layed out, togehter with the most basic toiletries.

Having unpacked your suitcasee it may be (on a hot summers day) time for catching the beachtovel and head for the first swim of the holidays.

Are you arriving on a more chilly day, you may be happy to find your own private spa area, with sauna and jacuzzi. The bathrobes are ready for you.

After a swim and and a quick stroll, it is time for tea on the terrace. 
Did you choose the spa-treatment, it is time to put on the bathrobe,  crawl onto the sofa, turn on the log fire and enjoy a cup of tea with some sweet biscuits.
It can't be more relaxing, to arrive to a private Danish cottage.

When you feel hungry, you easily conjure up your supper - it is ready in the kitchen, as well as the wine you have ordered from our winecart.


Next morning, you find (almost) evertything you nedd for at cosy Danish breakfast, ready in the kitchen. You only lack the bread rolls and the Danish pastry, to be deliverd to your door before 8 a.m. Fresh from the bakery.


Is this the perfect cottage for your?

Please contact me for further information.