The Cottage Concierge provides 5-star assistance

The Cottage Concierge provides 5-star assistance


In need of any information you may not find yourself, you are invited to ask the Concierge in the front-desk of the hotel.

When renting a cottage, in principle you are "on your own", with limited assistance from the renting out agency, regarding issues not related to the cottage.


The official Tourist information in northern Zealand Visit Northzealand offers different kind of tourist information on their website.

When you need more local related information, The Cottage Concierge is happy to help you.

It may be local activities, like theater, music, biking, golf and tennis, local flea markets, need of help to a special occasion, or you are in need of a cook to come to your house to cook Danish dishes with you?

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Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information