Week de Luxe

227,82 EURO

Week de Luxe
This package contains all elements from the "Welcome" and the "Welcome de Luxe" packages, extended with breakfast 7 days, with coffee and tea. 

The menu for evening meal is depending on time of the year. You may require the menu for the periode of your stay, writing to us here.

Furthermore, we provide intermediate house cleaning, to which you may purchase change of linen and towels.

Remember to order the beverages of your taste.


In this package we assume you have rented a cottage through a renting-out agency, who normally don't provide exit cleaning as a part of the total price. If exit cleaning is mandatory, this service is adjusted in the price of your Welcome package.

If you rent a Airbnb house, most hosts provide linen, towels and exit cleaning, as a part of the total price.
This being the case of your rented cottage, we suggest you agree with the host, in stead to order the Welcome Package from Cottage de Luxe.