Tennis in GIlleleje?

Ready to remove the travel-dust


Afternoon tea

Supper - the local fish soup?

Good morning


The above pictures show how it might be, arriving to this house for a vacation - fx. a Saturday afternoon..

It consist of elements from the package "Welcome de Luxe", which includes supper first evening and breakfast first morning.


Arriving to a holiday house i the peak sesaon, means fixed arrival time, allowing the owner or agency to make the house ready for taking over. Though, it may not stop you from exploring Gilleje and the surroundings, on your arrival.

This house is situated only 5 minutes from Gilleleje by car. Hence, it is obvious to start exploring the city, waiting for your house to be ready for check-in.

When you have ordered the Cottage de Luxe Welcome package, you also have access to ask The Cottage Concierge to assist you with a "start package" to Gilleleje; i.e. good places for lunch, nice shops and  up to date activities within the season of your stay.
If any of the family members would prefere to exercise after the trip, you may ask The Cottage Concierg ahead, helping you make reservation of a ennis court in the local tennisclub. Or you may use the waiting time, picking up the reserved bikes in the local bike rental.


Having checked in to your house, you only have to concentrat on unpacking your suitcase. The beds are made and you find the exclusive tovels and bathrobes ready for you, for a refreshing bath. 
Make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy your arrival tasting the cakes you may have bought on your visit to Gilleleje- Now you are ready to atart planning your stay in the area.


When you feel the small hunger for something to eat, you find your supper  in the kitchen, with the beverages you have chosen ahead.

Next morning, you have all ingredients for a cosy Danish breakfast ready in the kitchen. Every thing but the bread rolls and the Danish - they are brought to your door around 8 o'clock, fresh from the bakery.


Is this the perfect cottage for your?

Please contact me for further information.