Cottage de Luxe is for Cottage owners, too

Cottage de Luxe is for Cottage owners, too

"The Cottage - possesing a longing"

is the title of a Danish book, written by Gitte Just, about the joy of owing a cottage


Several cottage owners has such a "longing" for using their cottage more frequently, all year round - but lack the time and energy to handle the practicalities. They may even consider lending or renting out, when not using the house themselves, though hesitate, finding it immeasurable to arrange living i.e. abrouad.  

Finally they even may be worrying that the status of the house may be disapointing, when planning to use the house themselves.

Cottage de Luxe offer to help you with all practicalities around your cottage; both when renting out and when you plan to visit yourselves.

Leaving you with time to enjoy what it is all about - "Possesing a longing"


Are you the owners of a Cottage in Northe Zealand?

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Please below find the essence of the services we offer




The Cottage


Norther Zealand is lacking cottages for renting. Increase in the number of accessible cottages may heighten the amount of tourists, now only "passing by", but also staying for several days. This may be to the delight of the business - and to all of us wanting to beware a living environment, all year round.

The Cottage for Cottage owners is offering assistance to optimize your house for renting out, maintaining the essence of YOUR cottage. We may help you administering renting out, and to keep an eye on your place, when you are i.e. abroad.


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The Cottage Service


Are you too busy to get the utmost out of your cottage in Northern Zealand?
Do you sometime imagine how relaxing it might be, arriving as "a guest" to your own cottage?
Do you rent out today, but lack help with practicalities like cleaning and setting-up before guests arriving?

The Cottage Delivery focus on optimising the hosting in Cottages in Northern Zealand.

This service is also provided to owners of cottages, hopefully making it even more attractive to visit your cottage - all year.



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The Cottage Concierge


Being the owners of a cottage in Northern Zealand, you probably know where to find most common tourist information in your area. Though not living in the area on a regular basis, it may be difficult to keep track on the more local events.



The Cottage Concierge offers assistance to cottage owners being associated with Cottage de Luxe. 

It may be help needed before you arrive to your house or assistance to special arrangements during your stay.



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